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Pig Nutrition

The latest pig nutrition and feeding strategies, scientific research, news and analysis from the editors of Pig International magazine to help swine producers raise disease-free livestock and provide a balance of nutrients to meet the ever-changing health needs of sows, piglets, gilts, boars and hogs.


Projects aim to improve feed efficiency, meat quality

Grant awarded to UK’s Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock
Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and 11 other institutions have been awarded GBP2.2 million (US$2.7 million), allowing for three projects that will work to improve livestock feed efficiency and meat quality in Britain, according to a press release from SRUC.
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How to use bentonite in monogastric animal diets

Bentonite is an old and very versatile feed additive that remains relatively unknown despite its low cost and availability.
Feeding earth (clays) to animals is not new or abnormal. Wild animals always consume a healthy portion of earth alongside their feed, especially those that look for food below ground.
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How to use medium-chain fatty acids in pig diets

In a climate of reduced antibiotic usage, natural fatty acids are becoming popular additive for promoting gut health
Pig gut health suffers during times of stress. This leaves them susceptible to disease, as well as having a negative effect on growth. Medium chain fatty acids are known to have antibacterial activity and their benefit on performance makes them a useful tool in antibiotic-free production.
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Pastured pork production strategies for profit

Raising pastured pigs can be profitable with the right grazing plan and careful attention to pasture conditions.
Benefits of raising pigs on pasture include improved pig health, a better work environment, less odor, less microbial activity, fewer regulatory problems and lower start-up and operating costs.
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