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The latest pig nutrition and feeding strategies, scientific research, news and analysis from the editors of Pig International magazine to help swine producers raise disease-free livestock and provide a balance of nutrients to meet the ever-changing health needs of sows, piglets, gilts, boars and hogs.


How to formulate a low-protein animal diet

An easy process to understand how feed-grade amino acids and crude protein specifications interact to form a balanced low-protein diet
There has been much talk about the need to formulate animal diets without antibiotics at low crude protein levels. The benefits are many, and the cost is nil or even positive when animal performance is factored in.
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Cargill expands animal nutrition business in Thailand

Acquires Sri Thai feed mill through public tender
Cargill’s animal feed and nutrition business is expanding its capabilities in Thailand by acquiring a feed mill in Prachinburi province in Thailand. This feed mill, established in 1996 through a joint venture between Sri Thai Foods and Beverages Co. Ltd. and Thai-Denmark Swine Breeding Co. Ltd., produces poultry and swine feed. Through the acquisition, the plant will now produce poultry and swine feed for Cargill’s customers based in Thailand.
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Understanding oligosaccharides in young animal nutrition

Oligosaccharides, one of the lesser-known feed additives — along with other functional fibers — have a tremendous role to play in the future of antibiotic-free diets for all animals.
Oligosaccharides are considered as one of the most valuable sources of prebiotic fibers in diets for young non-ruminant animals such as broilers, pullets, piglets and calves.
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Joe Saini inducted into Liquid Feed Hall of Fame

The American Feed Industry Association is pleased to announce Joe Saini as its 2017 Liquid Feed Hall of Fame inductee. The AFIA Liquid Feed Committee presented the award--the highest award offered within the liquid feed industry--to Saini on Sept. 13 during a luncheon at AFIA's Liquid Feed Symposium, being held in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Corizzo joins Diamond V

The Diamond V team recently welcomed Kevin Corizzo who joined the company in the new position of Content Marketing Manager / Technical Writer.
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