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Pig Nutrition

The latest pig nutrition and feeding strategies, scientific research, news and analysis from the editors of Pig International magazine to help swine producers raise disease-free livestock and provide a balance of nutrients to meet the ever-changing health needs of sows, piglets, gilts, boars and hogs.


Organic trace minerals: Getting the most out of phytase

In vitro-based research suggests that the use of organic trace minerals can better spare phytase activity when compared to inorganic equivalents.
Phytase inclusion in monogastric animal diets is commonplace in the industry today, primarily driven by its ability to release phytate-bound phosphorus (P) from cereal-based feed ingredients.
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Tips for tackling issues in swine nutrition

Learn about reducing and eliminating antibiotic use in pig feed, feeding pre- and post-weaned piglets, and processed proteins and swine nutrition
The 8th edition of the FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference will be held June 14, 2017, in Cologne, Germany. The one-day event will address the most pressing issues facing today’s nutritionists and animal feed producers, including swine nutrition.
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How animal feed oxidation affects livestock productivity

We all know what oxidation is, but we often fail to recognize the symptoms and their effects on productivity, health and profitability in modern animal agriculture.
Oxidative stress is a physiological process affected in periods of high stress, wherein animals consuming oxidized feeds possess less of a defense against internal oxidation.
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Be on the lookout for heat stress in herds, flocks

Livestock, poultry producers should be prepared with a heat stress management plan
As warmer weather approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, livestock and poultry producers need to be on the lookout for heat stress in their animals and find ways to combat it.
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