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Feed Mill Management

Animal feed mill management articles, news and analysis covering feed production, quality issues, costs and feed mill safety from the editors of Feed International and Feed Management magazines. Topics include the Veterinary Feed Directive, mycotoxin analysis and updates, feed mill inspections and technology.


WATT 100-year series: Nutrition

Precision poultry nutrition shapes industry’s future

Improved genetics will offer broiler producers growth opportunities, but technological developments will guide a holistic management approach
Precision poultry nutrition programs will increasingly improve producer profitability, farm management and feed formulations into the future.
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Dust Collection

9 best practices for feed mill dust collection systems

Adhering to a few basic guidelines can improve equipment efficiency, decrease risk of dust combustion
Over his 40-year career, Jack Osborn has evaluated well more than 1,000 dust collection systems in various industries, including hundreds in the agriculture and food industries. In this article, he offers his tips for maximizing a feed mill’s dust collection system.
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County awarded $1.35 million for Mountaire feed mill

North Carolina Infrastructure awards grant to provide needed rail improvements for Mountaire Farms feed mill
cotland County, North Carolina, has been awarded a $1,350,000 grant to support the construction of 18,932 linear feet of rail siding to benefit Mountaire Farms’ feed mill to be located in the county.
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Industry Event

Aquaculture Europe 2017

10/16/17 to 10/20/17
Aquaculture Europe 2017
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