Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.



Ridley invests in Australia, Tasmania

Company sells stake in one feed mill as it looks to upgrade, build two others
Ridley Inc. has sold its stake in a feed production plant in New South Wales, Australia, as it prepares upgrade another in Queensland. It also plans to build a new facility in Tasmania.
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A new twist to ag-gag action in New South Wales?

Government officials discuss stripping animal rights groups of their charitable status if they are caught trespassing to expose animal mistreatment
Ag-gag laws have been discussed in many U.S. states as a way to prevent animal rights activists from unethically recording undercover videos at animal agricultural operations. But not everybody thinks such laws should exist.
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Ingham’s stock market float disappoints

Float that falls short of expectations could signal tough times ahead for Australian poultry company
Unfortunate timing is being blamed for a disappointing stock market float of Australia’s largest poultry company, Ingham’s Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
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Chicken price wars blamed for Baiada plant closure

Plant at Laverton North, Australia, will stop processing but will remain open as a distribution hub
One of Australia’s top poultry companies, Baiada Poultry Pty Limited, has announced it is to end meat processing at its plant at Laverton North, near Melbourne in the state of Victoria in March.
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Australia chicken, pork prices expected to rise

Beef, lamb prices to push up returns for Australian poultry, pig producers
Relatively high and rising prices for competing meats, beef and lamb, are expected to push up retail prices for chicken and pork in Australia, according to the country’s Department for Agriculture and Water Resources.
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Inghams closing plant in Australia, invests in others

Australian company will cease operations at plant in Cardiff, New South Wales, by end of August
As part of a national strategy to expand capacity, upgrade capability and improve productivity across its network, Inghams Enterprises will cease production at its Cardiff processing plant in New South Wales by end of August 2016.
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