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Contradictory comments from animal rights activists

While some say purchase pledges are being made because companies want to do the right thing, others say it is because they are responding to pressure
Nobody likes to admit to being a nag or a bully. But if doing so will impress certain people, they just might ‘fess up.
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FSIS: No Dutch eggs coming into the US

Eggs from hens treated with Fipronil in the Netherlands have created global food safety concerns, but US agency reassures consumers its egg supply is safe
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is assuring consumers that the supply of eggs in the United States is safe, and that consumers should not expect to come into contact with eggs from the Netherlands that are connected with a scandal in which laying hens were treated with the insecticide Fipronil.
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How to combat wheat streak mosaic virus

Virus has caused losses of $76.8 million and 19.2 bushels of wheat this year
Wheat streak mosaic virus, which stunts growth in wheat crops and has been known to cause 100 percent crop mortality, has caused at least $76.8 million in direct losses to wheat farmers this year, and a loss of 19.2 bushels of wheat, according to one expert.
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Animal rights meeting focuses on achieving vegan agenda

Animal Agriculture Alliance releases report from the Animal Rights National Conference
The Animal Agriculture Alliance has released a report detailing observations from the Animal Rights National Conference, held August 3-6 in Alexandria, Virginia.
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Maple Lodge Farms recalls chicken frankfurters

Maple Lodge Farms and Zabiha Halal products may have bone fragments in them
Maple Lodge Farms is recalling certain chicken frankfurters because of the possible presence of bone fragments that could be unsafe, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced.
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JBS CEO Wesley Batista ducks subject of calls to quit

JBS leader instead says upcoming meeting will be an opportunity to present company’s recent accomplishments
Embattled JBS CEO Wesley Batista sidestepped questions about the possibility of him being told to resign from his leadership position and instead focused attention to recent accomplishments of the company.
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