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Cage-Free Laying Systems

The latest articles, analysis and information on hens laying eggs in a cage-free environment inside barns or buildings and engaging in some natural behaviors like walking and nesting to help egg producers maximize flock performance and yields from the editors of Egg Industry magazine.


Worries about cage-free eggs reach India

Critics say if cage-free egg production is taken up in India, egg consumption will drop
Attendees at a session organized by India’s National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) and Vista Processed Foods were cautioned that if cage-free egg production reaches India, egg consumption would be apt to decline.
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Why consumers buy cage-free eggs may surprise you

Consumers view free-range and cage-free eggs as more nutritious and safer and are less concerned by the hen’s welfare than may have been thought.
A small Australian survey has found that consumers that buy free-range eggs are not solely motivated by hen welfare, but see positive benefits accruing to themselves though buying "happy eggs."
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Future of poultry welfare: What producers should expect

Attitudes to poultry welfare still vary greatly from market to market, but ever-more alignment can be expected as interest in animal welfare grows.
Poultry and egg producers can expect animal welfare pressures to increase as global companies will have more influence on the future of poultry welfare.
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Latest cage-free ventilation, lighting and litter tactics

Beyond new housing systems, cage-free egg farming requires farmers to change how they approach familiar elements in the house: ventilation, lighting and litter management.
Cage-free farming elevates the importance of aspects that were almost afterthoughts in a conventional house, augmenting the challenge of the transition.
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How to mitigate dust and ammonia in cage-free houses

A slew of novel technologies aiming to control dust and ammonia levels inside cage-free houses are arriving to the market, but are they effective?
Cage-free farming brings inherent air quality challenges, so farmers need to adapt in order to protect the health of their flock and their workers.
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Activist-influenced food pledges increase poverty rates

KSU professor: When a restaurant makes a supply chain pledge on perceived animal welfare issues, they are driving up food prices and subsequently the rate of poverty
Restaurants who act too quickly to sourcing only animal protein products such as cage-free eggs, slower-growing broilers, crate-free pork and meat from animals raised without antibiotics, they are harming the overall economy, according to Dr. Dan Thomson, Jones Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology, Kansas State University.
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Hickman’s Egg Ranch’s cage-free push

The Arizona egg producer will be 80 percent cage free within five years thanks to market demand for the former specialty product.
Hickman’s President Glenn Hickman and his brother, Vice President Billy Hickman, say within four years about 80 percent of the company’s egg production will be cage free. The reasoning is plain: The customer demands the product.
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Associated Supermarket Group makes cage-free egg pledge

Group of independently operated supermarkets joins the cage-free egg movement
Associated Supermarket Group, the largest group of independently operated supermarkets based in the New York metropolitan area, has joined the movement to sell only cage-free eggs.
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Calgary Co-op rejects cage-free, crate-free resolution

Resolution called for sale of only cage-free eggs and crate-free pork products by 2018
Calgary Co-op members rejected a resolution that calls for the business to sell only eggs from cage-free hens and pork products from farms that do not use gestation crates by 2018.
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