Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Cage-Free Laying Systems

Hens laying eggs in a cage-free environment are inside barns or buildings and engage in some natural behaviors like walking and nesting. They may or may not be given access to outdoors.


Confusion over cage-free egg pledges continues

Taco Bell’s latest announcement reveals an apparent oversight others likely made when committing to source only cage-free eggs
It’s been said and blogged before that many, if not all, of the cage-free purchase pledges made by restaurant companies are a little vague, if not confusing.
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Avian influenza and the risk from backyard flocks

Poultry owners, whatever their size, should be able to house birds well no matter the circumstances
Backyard flocks, when not properly managed, represent a disease risk to the wider poultry industry, particularly when in contact with wild birds and when avian influenza viruses are circulating.
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Raising hens with intact beaks to produce cage-free eggs

A Dutch egg producer with 25 years of cage-free experience has successfully transitioned to cage-free egg production from hens with intact beaks.
The practice of trimming the beaks of laying hens, broiler and turkey breeders, and turkey meat birds goes back decades. Beak trimming was instituted as a management tool to prevent injury resulting from aggressive pecking and feather pecking. In spite of advancements such as infrared beak treatment, animal welfare activists have continued to push for an end to beak trimming.
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InterContinental Hotels to extend cage-free egg use globally

Company will stop sourcing cage-free eggs in U.S., Canada in Europe by 2022 and at all other locations by 2025
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has pledged to serve only eggs from cage-free operations at its hotels in the U.S., Canada and Europe by no later than 2022, and in all other countries by 2025.
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Sheetz commits to cage-free eggs by 2025

The shift is a component of the company’s proactive approach to issues of food safety and animal welfare
Sheetz, one of America's fastest-growing, family-owned and operated convenience retailers, has announced a goal of committing to the sale of only cage-free eggs in its stores by 2025.
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