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Antibiotic-Free Meat

Discover the latest antibiotic-free meat production news, analysis and research based on producer and consumer perspectives covering marketing, regulations and science from the editors of WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International, Egg Industry, Feed International, Feed Management and Pig International magazines.


How phytogenics affect animals provides usage insights

Phytogenics are currently considered one of the top alternatives to in-feed antibiotics for poultry, and understanding how they work can aid in selecting and using the right product for the right purpose.
Although there is ample information why to use phytogenics, similar knowledge on how these products work inside the animal remains largely unavailable.
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What poultry does not contain drives sales

Nielsen data suggests that bringing products to market that address consumers’ desire for clean labels is an opportunity for poultry producers.
Meeting consumers’ desire for clean labels is an market opportunity squarely in the wheelhouse of poultry producers.
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Poultry raised without antibiotics now in all Wawa stores

The enhanced poultry-based, food quality classification will impact more than 23 products
Poultry raised without antibiotics is now available in all Wawa stores. This is part of Wawa’s quality food commitment, which includes a pledge of continuous improvement, including an ongoing review of all products, ingredients and supplier partnerships.
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Financial motive to raise antibiotic-free pigs may not last

Demand for pork raised without antibiotics is growing, but traditionally raised pork will still be sought by consumers
The demand for pork raised without antibiotics is growing, and at the present time, producers have a solid financial incentive to raise their pigs without using antibiotics. But how long will that incentive last?
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Will we hear of ‘antibiotic-free fish’ soon?

Once one fish company markets an antibiotic-free product, other fish companies will be apt to do the same
Companies within the poultry industry have done well in promoting their products that were raised without antibiotics, while those who process pork and beef are following suit. But have you ever wondered why one major protein sector has not yet taken the opportunity to market an antibiotic-free product?
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