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Antibiotic-Free Meat

Discover the latest antibiotic-free meat production news, analysis and research based on producer and consumer perspectives covering marketing, regulations and science from the editors of WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International, Egg Industry, Feed International, Feed Management and Pig International magazines.


Poultry producers grapple with antibiotics issue

Managing microbial threats, antibiotic stewardship and consumer expectations in animal production is the U.S. poultry industry’s toughest challenge in decades.
Antibiotic use in poultry, consumer responses and disruptions in the food supply chain were hot topics at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention.
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How to use medium-chain fatty acids in pig diets

In a climate of reduced antibiotic usage, natural fatty acids are becoming popular additive for promoting gut health
Pig gut health suffers during times of stress. This leaves them susceptible to disease, as well as having a negative effect on growth. Medium chain fatty acids are known to have antibacterial activity and their benefit on performance makes them a useful tool in antibiotic-free production.
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Antibiotic-free production needs holistic approach

As broiler producers increasingly adopt antibiotic free production, bird nutrition, health and management must be optimized.
Sourcing robust chicks, reducing broilers’ bacterial challenges and careful feed and additives selection can help in antibiotic-free poultry production.
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Will Popeyes get stricter about antibiotic use?

Company that offered to acquire Popeyes chain is phasing out chicken raised with antibiotics used in human medicine at its other North American eateries
Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons, announced recently its intent to acquire Popeyes, one of the largest quick service restaurant chains in the United States that specializes in serving chicken.
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