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Antibiotic-Free Meat

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Feed phytogenic market growth shaped by global views

As interest in botanical animal nutrition solutions increases, BIOMIN survey reveals world livestock industry’s outlook on the use of phytogenic feed additives
As interest in botanical animal nutrition solutions increases, BIOMIN's Phytogenic Feed Additive survey reveals world livestock industry’s outlook on the use of PFAs in feed formulations.
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Necrotic enteritis increasing in antibiotic-free broilers

Reduced use of antibiotics and changing poultry diets are contributing to a rise in cases of the disease that can cause heightened mortality and lower feed conversion.
As more broiler flocks become antibiotic free, necrotic enteritis is making a comeback. A leading poultry scientist says controlling the potentially fatal disease requires closer attention to gut health.
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How will ABF production affect US chicken exports?

Poultry industry expert comments about antibiotic-free chicken at IPPE
Production of antibiotic-free chicken in the U.S. will have little effect on demand, but may allow for some chicken parts to be exported at a higher price, according to Paul Aho, poultry industry economist and consultant.
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Beginning of the end of antibiotics in poultry production?

Poultry industry must begin adapting to the demand for chicken raised without antibiotics, IPPE speaker says
For fifty years, the use of antibiotics have been a tried and true way of enhancing animal health, uniformity, and production efficacy in the poultry industry, said Brett Lumpkins, PhD, Southern Poultry Research.
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Pizza Pizza cuts antibiotic use from chicken supply

Canadian pizza restaurant chain has completed transition to chicken raised without the use of antibiotics
Canadian restaurant chain Pizza Pizza has eliminated the use of antibiotics from its entire chicken supply, the company announced on January 23.
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Wendy’s halfway to meeting antibiotics goal

Restaurant chain says it will fully eliminate use of antibiotics used in human medicine from its chicken supply by the end of 2017
Quick service restaurant chain Wendy’s announced that half of its U.S. chicken supply is now raised without the use of medically important antibiotics.
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