Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Antibiotic-Free Meat

Beef and poultry producers must document that the animal was raised without antibiotics for the meat product to be labeled antibiotic free.


Wendy’s halfway to meeting antibiotics goal

Restaurant chain says it will fully eliminate use of antibiotics used in human medicine from its chicken supply by the end of 2017
Quick service restaurant chain Wendy’s announced that half of its U.S. chicken supply is now raised without the use of medically important antibiotics.
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Burger King chicken to be raised without human antibiotics

Restaurant Brands International will eliminate chicken raised with antibiotics important in human medicine from its Burger King and Tim Hortons restaurants in the U.S. in 2017 and in Canada in 2018
Restaurant Brands International (RBI), parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons restaurants, is planning to only source chicken raised without antibiotics important to human health at all of its locations in the United States and Canada.
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Jack in the Box, Qdoba limiting antibiotics in poultry

Company will phase out the use of ‘routine’ uses of antibiotics also used in human medicine by 2020
An updated animal welfare policy for Jack in the Box and Qdoba restaurants calls for an end to “routine uses” of antibiotics important to human health in the restaurants' poultry supplies.
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Cherkizovo introduces organic chicken product line

Chistiy Produkt is Russian company’s new line of organic chicken products to be marketed under the Petelinka brand
Cherkizovo Group has launched ‘Chistiy Produkt’ (Pure Product), a new, affordable organic line under the Petelinka brand.
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Tyson eager to meet antibiotic-free chicken demand

President of Tyson Foods says company can offer customers ‘exactly what they want,’ and they want chicken raised without antibiotics
The demand for chicken raised with no antibiotics ever continues to grow, and Tyson Foods President Tom Hayes says the company is poised to meet that demand.
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Pilgrim’s CEO: Just BARE brand has huge potential

Discussing Pilgrim’s planned acquisition of GNP Company, Bill Lovette says GNP’s Just BARE line has loyal and growing consumer base
One of the key things that led to Pilgrim’s interest in acquiring GNP Company was the potential of its Just BARE brand, Pilgrim’s CEO Bill Lovette said.
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