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on September 19, 2017

Tiger Chicks hosts Indian River broiler farmer workshop in Zambia

Indian River positioned for stardom in rising African market

Indian River customer Tiger Chicks hosted an informative workshop for 73 broiler farmers recently in Lusaka, Zambia. Tiger Chicks, a business unit of leading South African integrated poultry producer Astral Foods, is a breeder farm and hatchery that produces day-old broiler chicks for the African market.

The workshop addressed broiler management topics such as brooding and maximizing seven-day body weights, which are of particular benefit to African farmers. Additionally, Indian River Commercial and Product Support Manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Mohsen Ganjaei offered the latest insight on how to optimize the productivity of broiler chicks through effective flock management. Due to the enthusiastic reaction of attendees, Tiger Chicks and Mohsen Ganjaei will present the workshop on similar topics every four months.

“The Difference Maker” for up-and-coming market

Robust Indian River broiler breeding stock poses key advantages for the emerging African market. Due to its environmental hardiness and strong livability -- coupled with exceptional feed efficiency and high leg meat yield -- Indian River is renowned throughout the region as “The Difference Maker.”

Mohsen makes frequent service visits to the Tiger Chicks team to offer his expertise and support. “I congratulate Tiger Chicks on a well-organized event that delivered enriching management advice to the region’s farmers. Our goal is to benefit the Zambian market with a continuous supply of high-quality day-old Indian River chicks. We value all of our broiler farmers and do everything we can to optimize their productivity and boost the success of their businesses, equipping them with a wealth of up-to-date nutritional and management knowledge and expertise,” he says. “Due to the hard work and diligence of the Tiger Chicks team, Indian River is well on its way to becoming a rising star in Africa’s growing broiler breeder market.”

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