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WATT 100-year series: Nutrition

Precision poultry nutrition shapes industry’s future

Improved genetics will offer broiler producers growth opportunities, but technological developments will guide a holistic management approach
Precision poultry nutrition programs will increasingly improve producer profitability, farm management and feed formulations into the future.
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Aldo Rossi to head Cobb research and development

He previously worked as managing director of world quality assurance for Cobb
Dr. Aldo Rossi, who has 25 years of poultry experience including 17 years with Cobb-Vantress, Inc., has been appointed vice president of research and development for the company.
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Slower-growing broiler campaign summarized in 4 words

Animal health specialists explain strategy used by animal rights groups as they push businesses to source slower-growing broilers
As animal rights activists are actively campaigning to get the U.S. broiler industry to transition into slower-growing breeds, their strategy can be summarized in four words, attendees at the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit were told on May 4.
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Broiler welfare: the conversation you need to have

Activists groups have successfully lobbied mainstream restaurant chains like Subway, Burger King and others to make future chicken meat purchase pledges that include breed selections.
Activist groups have been extremely successful at securing future purchase pledges from major retail and foodservice poultry buyers for chicken meat from birds that have been either raised without antibiotics at all or without use of antibiotics that are designated as important in human medicine. A similar campaign has succeeded in securing future cage-free egg purchase pledges that may very well lead to a complete conversion of the U.S. egg industry to cage-free housing for pullets and layers. Now, a third campaign is being waged to secure future purchase pledges from chicken meat buyers that would set new standards for how U.S. broilers are raised, stunned and even the breed of the bird that is raised.
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Hybrid Turkeys investing heavily in US supply chain

New hatcheries, egg production farms, contract partners being added to meet demands of modern turkey industry
Hybrid Turkeys has plans for ongoing and future investments in the U.S. turkey industry, including two new hatcheries, new egg production farms, new contract partners, state-of-the-art transportation, and the skilled workforce needed to support these areas of operations.
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Aviagen to build parent stock hatchery in Georgia

Broiler breeding company investing $18 million for facility in Quitman, Georgia

Aviagen, a leading broiler breeding company, will create 100 jobs and invest approximately $18 million in a new parent stock hatchery in Quitman, Georgia.

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