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IFA: Irish poultry sector has potential for more growth

The industry’s major players are expanding, and government support would help with further growth, says Irish Farmers’ Association poultry chairman
The poultry sector of Ireland is in a state of expansion, and in a good position to continue to grow, said National Poultry Chairman Nigel Renaghan, Irish Farmers’ Association.
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Agriterra, ForFarmers to partner on advisory issues

ForFarmes employees can register to help with advisory issues at agricultural cooperatives that Agriterra supports with knowledge
Agriterra and ForFarmers will begin cooperating in order to professionalize farmers’ organizations and cooperatives in emerging markets. Jan Potijk, director of ForFarmers Nederland and Kees Blokland, director of Agriterra, signed the memorandum September 8.
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EU animal feed additive legislation comment period opens

European Commission requests stakeholders' opinions on 2003 regulation on animal feed additives
The directorate-general for health and safety of the European Commission is requesting stakeholders' opinions on the 2003 regulation on additives for use in animal nutrition in the European Union (EU).
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Northern Ireland poultry, pig populations up

Preliminary figures for Northern Ireland’s agricultural census are released
Northern Ireland has seen an increase year-over-year in the number of broiler chickens, egg layers and pigs, the country’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs announced.
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