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Russia, Germany report new avian flu outbreaks

Flock of 5,000 in Russian Republic of Tatarstan, backyard flock of 13 chickens in Germany are the latest cases
While the number of new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) among European poultry has dropped off markedly, both Russia and Germany have reported new cases in the last week.
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Moy Park CEO: Innovation leads to success

Janet McCollum says it is necessary to always challenge conventional thinking
Janet McCollum, chief executive of leading U.K. poultry company Moy Park, said innovation is what has driven the company she leads to success.
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Avian influenza returns to the UK

UK government has just relaxed avian flu control measures
Hardly had previously imposed control measures been relaxed in the United Kingdom (UK), and two new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) were confirmed in backyard flocks.
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Positive outlook for Turkish poultry industry

Turkey’s poultry producers can expect a positive couple of years ahead but continue to invest in new technologies and fight to overturn misconceptions.
The 4th International Poultry Meat Congress is taking place in Antalya, Turkey, showcasing the latest scientific developments in the poultry industry, and forecasting a positive outlook for Turkey's poultry producers.
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Kemin opens new facility in Russia

Manufacturing and laboratory facilities are part of five-year global expansion plan
Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient company that uses science to create solutions and products to touch half of the world’s population, has opened a Russia manufacturing and laboratory facilities in Lipetsk.
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