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Poland's Cedrob adds feed mill in Ligota Dolna

New feed mill will push company’ annual feed output beyond 1 million metric tons
Polish poultry and pork company Cedrob built a new feed mill in Ligota Dolna, which will enable the company to increase its feed production capacity by 30,000 metric tons per month and push its annual feed output to beyond 1 million metric tons annually.
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Nutritional strategies for piglet diets without zinc oxide

While there is no direct replacement, promotion of gut health and immunity helps prevent diarrhea.
The pig industry is facing the challenge of production without zinc oxide. Therefore, strategies need to be found to prevent diarrhea and optimize growth, in order to protect producers' bottom line. Ingredients, diet formulation and additives can be used to support gut health and immunity, to naturally help prevent diarrhea at weaning.
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The effect of feed particle size on pig health

Adaptation of particle size can be the ideal way to improve pig performance and health.
Adaptation of particle size can be the ideal way to improve pig performance and health if the animals’ requirements and the factors influencing feed processing are understood. This article examines the influence of feed particle size on pig performance and health.
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Piglet welfare is compromised by feed regulations

When policymakers do not take into account all aspects related to regulatory limits, it is the producers and their animals that suffer the most.
Legislators have decided to ban feeding growth-promoting antibiotics to all pigs, and they are trying to reduce even therapeutic use in order to protect human health.
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Cargill to acquire swine feed producer in Brazil

The acquisition of Beckers Indústria de Nutrição Animal Ltda. will strengthen Cargill’s position in Brazil’s swine nutrition sector
The transaction should be completed in the coming weeks, depending on the regulatory approvals of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE).
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Royal De Heus launches center for practical research into pig nutrition

Royal De Heus opened its center for practical research into pig nutrition, ‘De Elsenpas,’ on May 6. Feeding research can now actually begin following the arrival of the first TN 70-SPF breeding sows. The inauguration underlines De Heus’ ambitions to take the next step in the continuous development of innovative pig feeds.
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Kaesler Forum 2019: Rethinking flavors in animal nutrition

Discussing flavorings beyond emotional marketing strategies, presenting scientific facts - that was the aim of the Kaesler Forum 2019, which took place from May 8 to 9 in the Hapag Halls in Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony and attracted numerous representatives of the international feed industry, associations, politics, university research and the media.
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