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The latest pig nutrition and feeding strategies, scientific research, news and analysis from the editors of Pig International magazine to help swine producers raise disease-free livestock and provide a balance of nutrients to meet the ever-changing health needs of sows, piglets, gilts, boars and hogs.


Study: ABF pigs need more dietary threonine

Poor sanitary conditions require amino acid adjustments
Study results have confirmed that pigs raised on antibiotic-free diets in poor sanitary conditions need to have their dietary threonine (Thr) levels adjusted if they are to achieve optimal growth.
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Piglet porridge, an undervalued tool

Widely known as gruel-feeding, a warm porridge of a suitably designed feed can help underprivileged piglets survive and thrive.
I have experienced firsthand the positive response of piglets (of any age) to a moist or semi-moist feed offered right after weaning.
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Ralco formulates nursery diets with valine

Ralco announced, effective June 1, Ralco EnMAX nursery premixes will be available with valine. The addition of valine marks continued development in Ralco’s extensive amino acid knowledge that helps power EnMAX nutrition and leads to diets with less soybean meal and more low-cost energy in corn.
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New cross-border MCFA opportunity announced at World Pork Expo

Broadened availability provides companies with sustained program even across borders
As a new toolbox for 21 st century pork production takes shape, a top area of advancement capturing the spotlight at the World Pork Expo is medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology.
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DuPont Industrial Biosciences shares its vision of nutribiosis

Area of animal nutrition science meant to address pig production challenges
DuPont Industrial Biosciences has introduced a cutting-edge approach on an area of animal nutrition science termed “nutribiosis” that maps the interaction between gut and immune function, nutrition and the microbiome, bringing new insights to the industry.
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Exhibition connects Chinese pig producers, industry

World Swine Industry Expo & Leman China Swine Conference promotes face-to-face dialogue, new ideas
World Swine Industry Expo is China’s premier pig professional exposition. The event, also known as SwineWorld, is organized in collaboration with the largest swine conference in Asia, Leman China.
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Special report

World Feed Panorama 2018: Volumes up despite challenges

Global compound feed production increased nearly 2 percent in 2017, overcoming disease outbreaks in the poultry and pig sectors.
In its 27th year, the World Feed Panorama survey tracks 2017 global compound feed production and compares these volumes against historical data to highlight industry trends.
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Solution for zinc oxide replacement is management, nutrition

Expert discusses possible alternatives to zinc oxide in pig feeds
The solution to an alternative for zinc oxide in pigs will be a combination of good management and nutrition, according to Torben Skov Ancker, product manager at Honsyld Kobmandsgaard A/S in Denmark. Ancker spoke Tuesday at ONE 18, The Alltech Ideas Conference, in Lexington, Kentucky.
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