The Larson Electronics LEDST-12 LED strip light is designed as an efficient and versatile lighting solution for walkways, stairs, vehicles and areas where ignition protection is required. It is fully potted and housed within a weatherproof, stainless steel fixture that features a very thin profile for easy and unobtrusive mounting in tight and limited spaces. This LED strip light contains both white and red LEDs and produces 320 lumens of bright, pure light while using only 5 watts at .450mA.The LEDST-12 unit is fully sealed, weatherproof and IP67 compliant. It measures approximately 12 inches long and ¾ inches wide. The 320 lumen output combined with low 5 watt power consumption makes these units ideal for replacing older and less efficient fluorescent lights. The LED strip light can be mounted on a smooth, flat surface or a tubular, curved surface and is capable of illuminating approximately 30 square feet at a distance of 8 feet. This light is powered by a 12 volt power source and consists of a two-wire installation -- one red wire to supply the power and one black wire for grounding. The Larson Electronics LEDST-12 LED strip light may also be ordered in an optional white, red, or white and blue color configuration.

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