BinMaster offers their plugged chute detector, a pressure switch specifically designed to alert when a chute becomes clogged with material. It features a heavy spring and rugged diaphragm material that makes it ideal for use in chutes transporting flowing grain, seed, feed or other granular or pelleted materials. It offers UL Class II, Groups E, F & G explosion-proof certification and can be used in hazardous environments where there is a risk of combustible dust. When a chute becomes plugged, it provides an audible or visual alert when attached to a horn, siren, light or alarm panel. This device features a die-cast aluminum housing and two-year warranty. It is available for either internal mounting or external mounting. Internal mounting does not require a hole be cut in the chute, but does require entering the chute for installation. External mounting offers easy access to the operating mechanism and requires a hole cut in the chute, but does not require entering the chute for installation. The model BM65-FHPC is for internal mounting, while the BM65-RHPC is for internal mounting.

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