Bin Master Teflon Spike Sensor

The BinMaster Teflon spike sensor is an optional SmartBob probe specifically adapted for measuring powders and solids material that may adhere to the sensor probe. It is ideal for use in sticky materials such as silica or frack sand, powdered chemicals or minerals, additives and ingredients, or any material that tends to build up on the sensor probe. The Teflon coating on the probe has U.S. FDA approval, which also enables it to be used in bins, tanks or silos containing ingredients used in animal and human food processing or pharmaceutical environments.

The Teflon-coated sensor helps save time, money and increases safety when measuring materials in bins by eliminating the need to climb bins and take manual measurements. Acting as an automated tape measure, the sensor takes measurements at predetermined time intervals or on demand. The Teflon-coated sensor is automatically dropped to the material surface and when it makes contact with the surface, it immediately retracts and, by counting pulses, calculates a highly accurate measurement from the top of the silo to the material surface.

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