O&T Farms Ltd

Regina, SK S4R 8R7

Company Overview
Pinkie Road and Sherwood Drive
Regina, SK S4R 8R7
Toll Free:1.888.894.3386
O&T Farms manufactures several highly digestible and stable Omega-3 animal feed ingredients under the name LinPRO; blending flaxseed, canola and pulses through our patented dry-extrusion process. LinPRO is non-GMO and can also be organic certified, and it is the leading specialty feed ingredient for Omega-3 Egg enrichment in North America. With a patent extending to over 40 countries, O&T provides a “naturally better” solution for Omega-3 functional foods. Beginning in 2017, O&T has invested in epigenetic research for both broiler and layer breeding stock, conducted by accredited third party university poultry researchers. The objective of the research is to evaluate reproductive efficiency, embryonic survival as well as progeny performance development and overall health in breeder birds.
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