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Company Overview
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Guangdong Rongda was set up in 2001, certified with China GMP, ISO and Australian APVMA. It has one national level post-doctoral work station and one individual R&D institute.

We aim to bring some feed additives such as natural AGP alternatives, anticoccidial premix. It can be used on farms, feed mills as well as for pet food.

We work with eight of the top ten feed mills in the Chinese market for Youtide 第益肽®. Sales volume were 8,000 mt in 2023 which was ranked No.2 in China. Youtide 第益肽®: Derived from Bacillus subtilis and its metabolites (bioactive peptides), this probiotic regulates intestinal flora balance and effectively prevents and treats enteritis and diarrhea. In China, we are ranked No. 2 and product is being used in 8 of the top 10 feed mills.

Sanguinol is a natural phytogenic feed additive derived from the extract of the Papaveraceae plant macleaya cordata. It has entered into feed additive content by European Food Safety Authority since 2004.

Sanguinol has a strong antibacterial effect and broad antibacterial spectrum. It has antibacterial activity against coccus, bacillus, G-&G+ bacteria. It works as an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and insecticidal AGP alternatives pioneer as well as a growth promoter but without withdrawal time.

Sanguinol can be mixed with feed for oral administration for all species of animals.

Guanidinoacetic acid is a one of a kind pluripotent amino acid, which converts into creatine in animals, directly energizing cells and reducing energy expenditure. It can also improve feed conversion ratio (FCR), minimize waste, enhance muscle quality and maximize nutrient utilization. Comparing with Evonik or Alzchem, we have the great advantage of price while the content is standardized.

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