MS Schippers MS DryCare hygiene dry powder

Schippers Ms Dry Care Hygiene Dry Powder

The MS Schippers MS DryCare is a ready-to-use natural hygiene dry powder suitable for use in animal pens, cubicles and nests to ensure dry housing and living conditions for animals. Dry living conditions in livestock housing are essential to reduce the number of pathogens the animals are exposed to, as poor hygiene contributes to health problems. With an absorption ability of over 200 percent, MS DryCare is an ideal water absorber. It is specially developed for use around animals and is harmless for man, animals and the environment. MS DryCare even meets with the demands and regulations of organic and bio farms. It can be applied in empty and occupied stalls and has a positive impact on manure consistency. It also has a positive effect on the animals’ breathing due to the fresh smell.

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