The BinMaster Flow Detect 2000 is able to detect flow conditions of solids and powders in various applications. It prevents downtime caused by blockage, conveyors running empty, no material flow to and from a process, or loose slide gates that can cause production loss and equipment failure. Applications include gravity chutes, feeders, pipelines, conveyor belts and bucket elevators.

The Flow Detect 2000 uses microwave Doppler technology for highly sensitive motion detection. The high frequency, low power microwaves are able to pass through non-metallic materials. The machine contains the sensing element, power and output connections, and user adjustment controls in a single NEMA 4X enclosure. The sensor is easy to install through a 1-/14' NPT opening. It is non-intrusive and does not come into contact with the flow stream. This lowers the risk of wear. It is appropriate for solids, granules, pellets, meals and powdered materials and is suitable for most any industry including feed, grain, milling, food, cement, mining, power and plastics.

The Flow Detect 2000 provides a single analog relay output to communicate flow or no flow status to a PLC. Indicators and controls for the initial calibration and set up are easily accessible by simply unscrewing the lid of the device.

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