Rotecna VRH-3, VRH-3D water level valves


The Rotecna VRH-3 and VRH-3D water level valves maximize water availability and provide a uniform water level. Their elastic membranes provide a secure fit for the valve. Both valves require minimum pressure, so more valves can be installed in the same circuit.Rotecna's VRH-3 and VRH-3D valves can be used in applications such as farrowing, gestation, weaning, and fishing. The difference between the two valves lies in their connections to the water supply. The VRH-3 has a multi-directional water entrance and a tap at the back to open or close the water supply. The VRH-3D Features a direct connection to the water line and is provided with a water filter. Each of the valve's membranes guarantee a perfect watertight seal. The pipe does not require tools, features fast down pipe connection, and works with lower water pressure (minimum 0.5 bar pressure). It works without any electrical or mechanical gadget, opens and closes efficiently and is out of reach of animals.