Bin Master Pit View

The BinMaster PitView helps you measure pits and lagoons, generate reports, and view historical trends without the use of manpower. The PitView cloud application reduces the risk of a harmful spill or breech of your manure management system. It automates the measuring and reporting of waste levels and allows users to view level information on a phone, tablet, or PC. It makes it easier to prepare documentation required by regulators. Monitoring waste volume enables you to proactively optimize fleet requirements and schedule application sites.

Each waste site and sensor location are uniquely named in the software. Measurement frequency time intervals and alert conditions are programmed for each sensor. If an alarm is triggered, designated staff automatically receive a text or email allowing them to intervene before a breech occurs. Reports can be run on demand for specified date ranges to view trends and comply with local regulations.

PitView uses a weather-tight non-contact radar level sensor to measure pit and lagoon livestock waste at distances up to 26 feet. It works reliably in turbulence or foam. A flood-proof IP66/68 enclosure ensures maintenance-free, continuous operation.

For lagoons, posts are mounted on either side of the lagoon with the sensor mounted on a bracket attached to taut wires. Another lagoon mounting option is to suspend the sensor on a boom arm attached to a post. The sensor is wired to a power supply or alternatively, a solar panel can power the sensor. In pits, a mounting bracket secures to the pit wall using screws. The sensor installs through a 1½ inch opening in the bracket and is aimed at a 90-degree angle to the waste in the pit.

Once PitView is installed, no one needs to go down to the pits or out to the lagoon to take a measurement. Monitoring takes place every day of the week, and text or email alerts are sent even when staff is off site. PitView lets you plan application sites and schedule trucks in advance. You’ll know how much waste is available, so you can arrange for the equipment and manpower to get the job done.

PitView can also be added to BinMaster’s FeedView cloud application to allow you to monitor levels in feed bins, pits, and lagoons, all in one easy-to-use program.