UBABEF was formed at the end of 2010 through the merger of the Brazilian Poultry Association and the Brazilian Chicken Producers and Exporters Association; it is the country’s largest poultry organization.

The São Paulo-based UBABEF includes 12 sectored chambers: the domestic market; international markets; production; animal health and public health; egg production; poultry breeding; day old chicks and hatching eggs; biological inputs; feed; poultry farm equipment; legislative and tax matters; taxation; state level bodies; and, sustainability.

The organization has a an advisory board made up of representatives from state entities, from sectored entities, from agribusinesses and the general population; and a Board of Direct Counsel, which also draws a broad representation from the poultry industry.


UBA was created in 1963 to represent the Brazilian poultry industry with the federal government, in the national congress and with the judiciary. ABEF was founded in 1976 to boost Brazilian poultry exports, and its members represent 92% of chicken meat exports from the country. In addition to the two main members, UBABEF has a number of associates in both the private and public sectors.

Among the priorities of the association are: accessing new markets and improving the export sector; guaranteeing the highest quality of Brazilian chicken; prioritizing the sector’s interests with government authorities and international organizations; promoting ethical values in poultry production, trade and exports; and, ensuring the positive image of poultry meat producers and exporters.

For more information on UBABEF, visit: www.abef.com.br