The EU has published a new regulation that gives producers of monogastric animals, such as poultry, a 5 percent allowance of non-organic protein in their organic feed until the end of 2014.

There had been concerns that original proposals for a 100 percent organic diet beginning January 1 would leave producers short of the raw ingredients needed to meet the nutritional requirements their birds would need, according to the UK's National Farmers Union, which lobbied for the regulation change. “I am pleased that the EU has come to a decision that gives organic poultry producers the scope to continue with high levels of nutrition that provide birds with good welfare," said Martin Humphrey, NFU organic poultry representative. “In addition, we are able to continue to access the necessary ingredients required to ensure that the bird meets all their requirements."


Another change to the regulation involves the requirement that producers will now be required to source a percentage of feed on a regional basis. Twenty percent of monogastric feed must be "produced in the same region in cooperation with other organic farms or feed business operators," and 60 percent of feed for herbivores must be sourced from either on-farm or from the region.