With nutrition high on the agenda in the poultry industry, Aviagen has appointed Adam Sacranie as a nutritionist to help provide further support and advice. Sacranie is the latest addition to Aviagen’s global nutrition team and, with his colleagues, ensures the company’s customers receive practical information and guidance.

Sacranie will also work with other global experts to advance the field of nutrition research in regards to the poultry industry.

Leonardo Linares, head of the Aviagen European nutrition team, said: “Adam is experienced as well as highly qualified and motivated. Nutrition is a key topic in our industry because it not only affects overall performance but directly impacts on the bottom line for producers. Getting high quality feed with proper nutrient content is critical to maximizing the potential of the birds and something we take very seriously. The addition of Adam to our team underlines once again the global support network we have in place at Aviagen and the local touch we provide for our customers.”


Born in England, Sacranie has a PhD in poultry nutrition and digestive physiology. He comes to Aviagen from feed company Nutreco, where he was research and development manager for their poultry division.

Commenting on his appointment, Sacranie said: “I am very happy to join the nutrition team, and I look forward to putting into practice the breeding aspect of poultry nutrition and contributing effectively to Aviagen’s global business.”