To find the world’s largest egg producers, you really need to look to the Americas.

According to industry data compiled in the World’s Top Poultry Companies database, 7 out of 10 of the biggest table egg producers, measured by number of layers, are located in the Americas: five in the U.S., one in Mexico and one in Brazil.

The largest table egg producer in the U.S., Cal-Maine Foods, is also the world’s largest, with 32 million hens housed. Coming in close behind and second in the rankings is another North American producer, the Mexican company Proteina Animal (PROAN), with 30 million hens.

But the top slots do not all belong to North and South America; Avangardco, an egg producer in Ukraine, with 27 million hens, is the world’s third largest -- and the only European -- egg producer to rank in the top 10, while Syria’s Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID) takes the No. 5 spot. Two Asian companies also make it into the ranking.


If we consider who are the biggest 25 producers in the world by flock size, 14 of those producers are located in the U.S. As mentioned, Cal-Maine Foods takes the top slot both nationally and on a global basis. Rose Acre Farms comes in at No. 4 with a flock of 24.6 million, while positions seven, eight and nine are also held by U.S. companies: Moark LLC, Rembrandt Enterprises and Daybreak Foods, respectively.

Latin America

Mexico is the out and out winner in terms of egg production in Latin America, and is home to not only the largest egg producer, but to nine of the region’s 15 largest producers. The second largest producer in the region is Brazil’s Granja Mantiqueira, which has 11 million layers.



Within Europe, looking at the top 15 largest producers, more are from Russia than anywhere else, but the top spot among European producers belongs to Ukraine’s Avangardco.

Yet, country or population size do not necessary correlate with being home to a major egg producer. Latvia, the Republic of Ireland and Portugal are all home to egg companies with large enough laying flocks to see them ranked among the 15 largest European players.


Japan and Malaysia dominate the rankings where egg production is Asia is concerned, and three Asian countries make it into our list of the world’s 25 largest egg producers: Japan’s Ise Inc., Thailand’s CP Foods, and QL Resources Bhd of Malaysia. These companies have laying flocks of 20 million, 12 million and 7.4 million, respectively.

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