French company Laboratoires Phodé and its Mexican partner synBios recently invited Sonora specialists from the poultry sector to a unique conference targeting a current and permanent challenge: How do you deal with the consequences of stress in layer production?

The meeting opened with an overview of the different stressors met by layers producers. The opening presenters were Christophe Langlade, Laboratoires Phodé manager for Latin America, and Arturo Urbieta, sales and technical manager, North Mexico.

Debeaking, intensive vaccinations calendars, handling or transfer to layer cages, etc.—the list of challenges is as long as the negative consequences. A specific focus made on heat stress illustrated the matter and generated strong interest from the attendants.

Based on its expertise on neuro, physio and animal sciences, Laboratoires Phodé introduced stress physiological chain reactions and explained their major negative impacts on layers' performances.

How does stress lead to lost productivity?

The latest company studies on layers demonstrated significant harmful effects on:

  • Immunity
  • Post vaccination answer
  • Eggshell quality (particularly on elderly hens as a direct consequence of irregular feed intake)
  • Stress critical indicators such as homogeneity of flocks at the start of laying

VéO® Premium, Laboratoires Phodé’s innovative concept dedicated to stress control, was then explained in a few lines:

  • Upstream action: Neuromodulation of stress message in the brain.
  • Physiological answer: Smoothing of stress consequences and a better being, feeling message.
  • Multi-parameters results: Improvement of homogeneity, egg production, feed efficiency and easier management.

The company says VéO® Premium can be considered insurance against main stress negative effects with multichannel return on investment.