NestFresh, the leader in sustainable, local, humane and natural eggs, is celebrating the launch of its Heirloom Eggs. Available in H-E-B markets since January at an SRP of $3.98 per 6-count carton, shoppers are being offered eggs with a farm fresh taste from family farms. This unique variety of eggs highlights the nostalgic farming practices of NestFresh's network of regional family farmers, with cartons showcasing eggs in hues of blue, brown or mixed colors. The entire line of products includes 6-count, 9-count, and 12-count cartons with brown eggs, blue eggs, or a mixture of the two rich colors in one package.

The newest addition to NestFresh's complete line of products allows consumers to experience the varied colors and rich taste of NestFresh Heirloom Eggs, remembering a time when family farmers used traditional methods to produce fresh food. NestFresh Heirloom Eggs come from farms dedicated to raising a variety of traditional hen breeds without any hormones or antibiotics on pastures that allow the hens to roam. With a minimum of 108 square feet per bird at every farm, consumers are invited to enjoy the values and traditions employed by local farms from days past.


"NestFresh partners with family farms that have demonstrated their care for the land and superior animal care. Our new Heirloom Eggs are an exciting addition to our complete line of humanely-raised eggs," shares Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager for NestFresh. "The colorful hues of the eggs reflect the traditional hen breeds raised on the pastures at each NestFresh farm, and it's wonderful to be able to share the beauty that can come from something made with such respect for the farming practices of the past when local farms produced fresh food for the people in their communities."

Regional farms produce and supply farm fresh eggs in a sustainable system and each farm is specially chosen with animal welfare, stewardship of the land and local production as a priority. The newest product is no exception, with NestFresh's high quality standards shaping the production process.