The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is a prime opportunity for agrifood companies to showcase and launch new products. Here’s a look at just some of the products being showcased at this year's show.

Messer Wave impingement freezer

Messer Wave’s high-capacity impingement freezer is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to CO2 flighted freezers and triple-pass tunnels, the company says. The freezer combines the benefits of wave product agitation with impingement gas flows and may provide qualified customers new-found levels of IQF quality, productivity and flexibility, especially for marinated and glazed food.  

Messer Wave Impingement Freezer


Chore-Time Endura tunnel fan

Chore-Time’s direct-drive models of the 57-inch Endura tunnel fan is low maintenance, and maximizes energy efficiency through variable-speed capabilities. It has no belts, pulleys or bearings, and the direct-drive motor eliminates the need for regular greasing, as well as other common maintenance needs on ventilation systems. The company  says it selected materials that provide corrosion resistance, high strength and maximum durability in both extreme high and extreme low temperatures.




SKA Mobile House

SKA’s new generation Mobile House for laying hens has been been redesigned in 2020, to offer more space, be more user-friendly and environmentally friendly, thanks to the provision for solar panels the shed can be 100% run by renewable energy. For pasture raised hens, the house can be moved around the pasture, with a capacity to house 2,500 to 3,000 hens.  


SKA mobile laying hen house

NORD IE5+ Synchronous Motors

NORD’S IE5+ Synchronous Motors feature a high IE5 efficiency rating. These motors focus on optimum efficiency and hygiene with a compact footprint that can be installed easily. These features result in energy savings, reduce system variants and minimize operating costs, according to the company.




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