The 2011 Midwest Poultry Federation Convention will take place from March 16-17 at the Saint Paul, Minn., RiverCenter. The annual “Midwest” is a must-attend event as it is generally acknowledged to be the most informative program for egg producers. Attendees also benefit from collegial interaction and the trade show focusing on the egg industry.

Pre-convention activities include the North Central Avian Disease Conference which will be held on Monday and Tuesday preceding the Convention.

The Pre-show Nutrition Symposium organized by Dr. Sheila E. Scheileler of the University of Nebraska will take place on Tuesday, March 15, and will include an update on DDGS in poultry diets, the application of enzymes and testing of poultry feed for mycotoxins.

The Egg Production Workshop will take place on Wednesday, March 16, during the morning session and will include presentations on fly and rodent control, interpreting ELISA antibody assays and vaccination against SE.

The Simmering Issues Workshop organized by Dr. Ken Koelkebeck of the University of Illinois will concentrate on the recent SE egg recall. Speakers will address communication and legal aspects in addition to a perspective from a major Midwest producer.


The Pullet and Layer Health Workshop will again address important topics relating to SE. These will include comments from an FDA representative, rodent control and an update on SE vaccination.

The concurrent Trade Show will include almost 200 exhibitors covering the full spectrum of equipment, pharmaceuticals, biologics, services, chemicals, feed additives and egg production strains.

The layout of the exhibit hall, the information provided by technical representatives of the various suppliers will contribute to a valuable learning experience relating to new technology, equipment design and production techniques.