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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

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Will the UK egg market be investigated?

It has been a long year for U.K. egg producers with calls for support too often falling on deaf ears. Now their case may he heard.

The U.K. government is being called on to investigate how the market for eggs operates and offer support, as retailers finally up their help to a struggling industry.

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How poultry production can adapt to climate change

Poultry production will need to adapt to climate change’s emerging challenges. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches that could offer solutions.

Climate change will make poultry production increasingly difficult in some regions, but work is already underway to help the industry to adapt.

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Positive atmosphere flourishes at EuroTier 2022

Weather conditions at this year’s EuroTier were far from hospitable, just the opposite to atmosphere in the show halls.

With a focus on sustainability and welfare, the center of attention at this year’s EuroTier was firmly inside the show halls and not with the protestors at the showground entrance.

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VIDEO: Poultry diets can be more sustainable, remain profitable

In this WATT Poultry Chat, Dr. Leon Marchal, innovation director, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, explains how alternative ingredients can be successfully used to feed poultry without compromising performance.

Danisco’s Animal Nutrition & Health’s Dr. Leon Marchal looks at how, using alternative ingredients, poultry diets can be more sustainable without compromising profitability.

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EU to consider ban on culling male layer chicks

What started as an initiative in France and Germany could now be applied not only across the European Union and its impact could be felt further afield.

Adopting the measure would help those Member States that have ended the practice to not be put at a disadvantage when competing with those producers that continue to the practice.

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The poultry, egg winners at Innov’Space 2022

Online services and the environment featured strongly among the winning products at this year’s SPACE innovation awards.

Numerous new products and services were on display at the latest edition of French agricultural trade show SPACE, and there were plenty of award winners for use in the poultry industry.

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How the poultry sector can better manage water resources

As demand for poultry meat rises, greater pressure will be put on water resources, but there are ways that chicken producers can use water more sparingly.

Demand for water in the poultry industry is set to rise, yet available water is coming under more pressure. There are, however, numerous ways producers can make better use of this valuable resource.

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