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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

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DuPont launches Syncra AVI at VIV Asia

Enzyme, probiotic combination improves poultry feed digestibility, aids gut health
DuPont Animal Nutrition launched Syncra Avi to the Asia Pacific region during VIV Asia. A combination of enzymes and probiotics, the product is designed to maximize nutrient digestibility in poultry production.
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How leading poultry producers rank for welfare

The world’s largest poultry meat producers have come under scrutiny in the latest edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare.
The world's largest poultry producers are highlighted in the seventh edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare.
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Optimal broiler gut function key to performance

Addressing the immune and nutritional functions of the chicken intestine can optimize performance.
With the immune and nutritional function of the broiler intestine being so interrelated, producers need to achieve an optimal balance to maximize growth and performance.
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Ascus plans poultry endomicrobial feed additive launch

Full genetic sequencing of more than 6,000 poultry gastrointestinal tract samples create a highly tailored poultry feed supplement.
By better understanding the relationship between the microbiome and its hosts processes, Ascus Biosciences has created a new feed additives category, endomicrobials, which comprise novel, beneficial microbes that live symbiotically within selected species to enhance productivity, efficiency and well-being.
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Which countries consume the greatest volume of poultry meat?

A large population alone is yet to equate to a high volume of meat consumption but, as incomes rise, it will be the largest populations that consume the most poultry meat.
There are no great surprises in which countries rank the highest in terms of the volume of chicken meat consumed annually, but a ranking gives a good idea of where chicken meat consumption may be expected to rise, not least by considering which countries rank low or are absent from the list.
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AB Vista launches Signis at IPPE

Animal feed additive aids in the development of the fiber-digesting microbiome in pigs and poultry
Pig and poultry feed additive that aids the fiber-digesting microbiome launched by AB Vista at IPPE.
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Where is per capita poultry meat consumption highest?

There’s no one region that’s home to the biggest consumers of poultry meat; its appeal stretches far and wide.
Where do people consume the most chicken? The biggest eaters of chicken meat are spread across continents from South America to Australasia and their per capita consumption of poultry meat is due to keep rising.
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