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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

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Brazilian egg production to end 2021 at record high

While the Brazilian egg industry may be contending with rising input costs there appears to be no shortage of demand.
Brazilian demand for eggs has been record-breaking this year, and new records are forecast to be set in 2022, yet the sector is not without its difficulties.
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Artificial intelligence tool promising for poultry sector

Chickens’ relatively small size, behavior and large flocks have made accurate monitoring difficult, however a new technology could open up new possibilities.
A system under development that constantly monitors poultry’s behavior and applies appropriate responses could make farms more efficient and birds more productive.
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What’s happening in the European poultry industry?

With consumption lower and numerous pressures on various fronts, European poultry producers have been fighting the perfect storm.
The European poultry has faced difficulties on various fronts, all ow which have combined to result in, what it describes as “the perfect storm.”
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UK poultry producers helping to end greenwashing

Meaningless environmental claims should be harder to make on completion of new public/private project.

New U.K. environmental metrics should make environmental action easier to communicate for food producers and make meaningless claims less convincing for consumers.

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Which are Asia’s largest poultry, egg producers?

Whether for broiler or egg production, Asia is home to a significant number of companies that are large enough not only to be ranked top players regionally but that also take top spots globally.
China dominates the list of leading chicken meat and egg producers in Asia, but there are key players beyond China’s borders that have achieved key positions for both broiler and egg production.
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