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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

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Identifying biomarkers for poultry intestinal health

On-farm diagnosis may be not that far away with simple-to-use tool that would allow more targeted interventions.
A simple-to-use tool would help in the assessment of gut health. There are numerous markers that could be used as an indication of gut health, allowing treatments to be more targeted.
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Could the benefits of gut bacteria be mimicked by drugs?

Four-year study indicates that some of the positive effects of gut bacteria could be achieved through drugs, suggesting new possibilities to address health issues in humans and poultry.
Developments in the field of human intestinal health may have significant implications for managing the poultry gut, and suggest a potentially easier way to harvest the benefits of a healthy gut microbiota.
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How the Chinese chicken market is responding to ASF

As African swine fever continues to decimate China’s pig industry, opportunities are growing for poultry producers within and beyond the country’s borders.
China's ongoing African swine fever outbreak and the swine sector's difficulties will provide opportunities for the poultry sector for years to come.
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What’s happening in the Asian poultry market?

Rising incomes and changing demographics offer Asia’s poultry producers the chance to sell more, at higher margin products, but not without difficulties.
Asian chicken meat and egg production and consumption are being driven higher by societal changes that present challenges and opportunities for the region’s poultry producers.
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No increase in stroke risk from eggs, new study finds

While relatively small, a new Finnish study finds no association between egg consumption and higher risk of stroke
A new study from Finland, where a third of the populations carries the EPOE4 phenotype impacting cholesterol metabolism, has found no association between egg consumption and elevated risk of stroke.
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