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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

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Top world broiler, egg rankings for 2019

A few companies continue to dominate our listings, but not everything stays the same.
The same leading poultry companies hold the top spots again in the ranking of top broiler and egg rankings this year, but that does not mean the industry is not evolving.
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Poultry Africa 2019 responds to growing demand

Catering to Africa’s growing demand for poultry meat and eggs, the second edition of Poultry Africa is taking place in Rwanda.
Trade event Poultry Africa 2019, taking place in Kigali, Rwanda,reflects a positive outlook for African chicken meat and egg production.
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Italy’s poultry producers saw mixed results in 2018

While output contracted slightly last year, changing tastes are seeing Italy’s consumers spend more on poultry products and eggs.
While output in the Italian poultry sector contracted in 2018, demand for value-added products saw the Italian poultry producers generate higher revenues.
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UK chicken shops to help tackle knife crime

Cruelly pointless or a way of reducing knife carrying, chicken shop initiative draws mixed reactions
Specially designed packaging for use in quick service chicken restaurants in the UK seeks to warn younger customers of the dangers of carrying a knife.
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Might feeding broilers insects affect meat quality?

Meat derived from insect-fed chickens may appear more palatable to consumers than eating insects directly, but is that meat as good as standard meat?
The buzz around using insects in poultry feed continues to grow, but what about the meat derived from such birds? Will it look and taste the same, or be as good for you?
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Japan's poultry production continues to grow

The country's poultry meat production and consumption rose last year and this positive performance is thought to have continued into 2019.
Japan's chicken and egg producers are continuing to respond to favorable market chicken, with demand favoring high-value products.
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By value, poultry meat tops UK most wasted foods table

The value of poultry meat wasted at production level in the UK each year is higher than for any other food and by volume the industry ranks within the top 10.
Poultry meat tops the ranking of most wasted foods in the UK at production level, according to a new report by sustainability body WRAP.
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