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Roger Abbott

Roger Abbott

Roger Abbott is the Editor of Energy Now



Reducing pig farm energy costs

Energy-efficient pig housing to conducting a farm energy audit can save power and reduce energy bills.
 A number of pig equipment companies and consultants are working hard to help global pig producers fight against the rising costs of energy, which accounts for a large proportion of the input costs on most pig units.
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Operating modern pig farms requires training

Ongoing stock training and breeding technical support increase profitability for global pig farmers.
The business of breeding pig stock and genetics relies on more than providing highly productive genotypes. Ongoing stock training and technical support is a significant part of the package as those with joint-venture partnerships in China have discovered.
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New diagnostics detect, treat pig diseases in hours

Molecular technology is speeding up the investigation into pig infections and opening up new possibilities for disease prevention and control.
Pig producers must keep a close eye on their herds and record AND report any changes in behavior or health of their pigs. This was highlighted yet again—at a conference focusing on the rapid advances in diagnostics and the ability of laboratories to identify new diseases within hours, rather than months.
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Australia pushing for zero-carbon pig farms

Australian pig producers are looking to reduce greenhouse gases and create a new niche pork market.
Australian pig producers are buying into a radical new environmental program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a carbon-neutral production systems to produce high-integrity Australian pork.
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New products show pig industry is looking to the future

International cooperation is needed to focus on global pig health and training initiatives.
The range of new pig products and innovations in equipment, production systems and techniques to improve health, welfare and general efficiency revealed at EuroTier and SPACE indicate that the international pig industry has its sights firmly fixed on the future.
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Next-generation pig equipment debuts at SPACE, EuroTier

Pig production equipment is quickly evolving to meet welfare, environmental and consumer demands.
Pig farmers can expect major changes ahead as far as the design and shape of feeding systems and other equipment needed for pig production, judging from what was on view at both the 2012 SPACE Show in France and at EuroTier in Germany.
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Pig industry reducing environmental impacts, producing more pork

Global sustainability efforts offer blueprint to help pig producers be more efficient and productive.
Many people condemn the so-called “Green Lobby” for its misinformed attacks on the pig industry. I think its long-running onslaught against pig farming has had the unintended consequence of making this sector more efficient and productive.
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French pig producers optimistic about 2013

France’s pig sector on track for growth in spite of new restrictions.
Many French pig producers are looking forward to a new start next year, with a possible change in production systems to help them meet rising demand, as well as new environmental and animal welfare restrictions in 2013. It is also widely expected that France’s smaller slaughtering companies will merge with others to reach a critical mass that will enable them to have more influence on the market in future.
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Sow and piglet housing becoming more automated, high-tech

Pig equipment systems are evolving to meet future abattoir, processor and retailer demands for farm-to-fork traceability.
Sow and piglet housing is becoming more high-tech as the industry focuses on automation and newly developed materials. Upcoming pig housing technologies will be particularly noticeable in Western Europe, where environmental regulations, animal welfare, consumer demands, labor costs and evolving pig genetics are driving change.
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Pig industry needs to set the record straight

New initiative show what the global pig sector can do if it unites to promote its positive contribution to animal agribusiness.
Everyone involved in the pig industry needs to be “Talking Pork.” This includes not only industry leaders but pig producers everywhere, as well as representatives from aligned industries. We all need to promote pork and explain how it is produced on a regular basis in a united effort to influence governments and other regulatory bodies, as well as consumers. 
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Breeding a more profitable pig

Scientific advances, new technology and producer demands are shaping pig breeding research.
A number of international pig breeding companies are moving away from pure genetics to become high-tech, customer-focused and scientifically based to retain business, as well as win new customers. Pig breeding companies in Ireland, Denmark and Britain, which all have clients spread around the world, are moving this way as they incorporate the latest in science and computer software to gear up in the face of stiff competition—and catch up with the new remote world of virtual reality.
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Some EU countries may not meet 2013 sow stall ban

UK pig producers call for sanctions against EU member states that will not meet the partial sow stall ban deadline.
UK pig producers who converted to sow group housing are lobbying to ensure that farmers, who have not switched over to the new system before the EU’s ban on partial sow stalls takes effect on January 1, 2013, won’t be allowed to sell their pork products, or be given a derogation exempting them from the ban.
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