News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

Michael P. Doyle

Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia, Griffin, Ga.



Salmonella prevalence in poultry varies greatly in emerging markets

Salmonella on raw chicken meat at the retail level varied greatly among emerging poultry market countries in this analysis.
Globalization of the food supply can impact food safety from both a public health and international trade perspective, but insufficient data exist to develop internationally recognized standards. The presence of Salmonella on poultry is an important factor in protecting public health and facilitating trade.
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Zero Salmonella tolerance on poultry: Worthy goal or trade protectionism?

Can an importing country justify, on purely scientific grounds, a zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella on raw poultry?
Can an importing country justify on purely scientific grounds a zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella on raw poultry? The term “zero tolerance” for specific pathogens such as Salmonella in raw food products is interpreted differently in different countries and therefore has been confusing, misleading and misapplied. Using terms such as “zero tolerance” or “absence of a bacterium” in relation to raw poultry should be avoided unless these terms are specifically defined and explained by international agreement.
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