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Troy Shoen

Troy Shoen is the director of marketing for Feed Energy, a supplier of liquid fats and oils to the livestock and poultry industries.



Distillers corn oil: An alternative energy source for swine producers

As the PED virus drives some producers to all-vegetable diets, distillers corn oil becomes an alternative to crude soybean oil, but may come with a price.
As producers move away from animal fats as a supplemental energy in their diets toward all-vegetable sources, they are weighing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing alternative sources such as distiller’s corn oil (DCO). That move, however, comes with higher feed costs.
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Tips for handling fats during winter months

Don’t let the cold weather compromise your feed formulations. Use these simple methods to ensure your liquid products flow freely this winter.
The advantages of liquid feed are apparent -- improved pellet quality, reduced dust and waste and the higher concentrations of energy and nutrients in the diet. However, often times these advantages are outweighed by the poor handling of liquid feed, especially animal fats, during winter months.
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