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Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamin Ruiz is editor in chief of Industria Avícola. To contact Ruiz, email



Mexican president misunderstands modernity of foods

Without a modern livestock industry, we could not eat what we eat today, and urban and rural Mexico is no exception.
The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known by his initials AMLO, gave his decalogue this past weekend to come out of the coronavirus crisis.
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Poultry processing plants under fire

Chicken and meat processing plants are being questioned again for COVID-19, driving the wedge of animal suffering, which has nothing to do with it.
It seems that there is always someone complicating matters. Now there are voices that want to describe meat processing plants or slaughterhouses as the pandemic epicenter.
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100 days of COVID-19 in the poultry industry (and in life)

Although at the beginning of the year we could not imagine how things would be in May, poultry production has more or less continued producing.
Indeed, China sneezed and spread pneumonia to the rest of the world, something that hardly resembles the Mexican saying that "when the United States sneezes, Mexico gets the flu."
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Closure of Brazil plants over COVID-19 spurs discontent

Companies and associations proceed before government entities to stop the unjustified closings of essential activities.
The Brazilian meat company JBS announced that it will seek legal remedies after a local labor authority ordered the closure of a poultry plant in southern Brazil, in the town of Ipumirim, Santa Catarina, to contain the coronavirus.
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Uneasy normality in the Mexican poultry industry

Closing of the food service sector, U.S. imports and other aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic affect chicken and egg production in Mexico.
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis there was a much higher demand and consumption of eggs. Like the entire global poultry industry, the Mexican industry was no exception.
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