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Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz, former editor of Industria Avícola, is an international poultry and feed journalist and translator, focused on Latin America.



Colombia set to export chicken to the U.S. and Japan

The National Poultry Producers Federation and Colombian poultry companies have been working hard to be able to export, a road not cleared of a few obstacles.
Colombian poultry producers have worked hard in the past few years and they want to be ready to start exporting chicken in 2021.
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veterinarians examining piglet 1602

We could use the help of vets in this pandemic

Veterinarians have the educational background and expertise to help solve many epidemic and pandemic issues, including vaccinating people.
It seems that zoonoses have been the cause of many of the epidemics and pandemics, and veterinarians have always been there.
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Insect protein is also in the sights of welfare. Really?

Insect farming in Europe is gaining ground as a protein source for foods and feeds, with the consequent impact on society
Insect protein for feeds is another area that lately is attracting my attention. Insect production is becoming more and more visible in our industry, with several startups and other companies investing more than EUR1 billion (US$1.2 billion), expecting EUR2 billion by 2025, as per the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed, (IPIFF).
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Could food labeling 'stop signs' be used in our favor?

Chile started in 2016 with the food labeling using a black octagon to warn consumers and Mexico started in the fourth quarter of 2020; could this be an opportunity for eggs?
Walking through a supermarket aisle nowadays in Mexico can be overwhelming, if you are aware of this new food labeling using a black octagon with warnings similar to a stop sign.
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