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Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamin Ruiz es editor en jefe de Industria Avicola. Por correo electrónico a Benjamin Ruiz is an editor of Industria Avicola.


In this corner: chicken! And in the other: pork!

Future projections put chicken and pork at a similar growth rate in the next decade. Which of the two will win?
Benjamín Ruiz: "The demand for poultry meat is forecasted to grow another 20 percent in the next decade, with increases in both world population and per capita consumption."
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Cyborg chickens or hens in the future

Without knowing it, we are cyborgs when we interact with our smartphones. When will this technology reach the poultry industry?
Benjamín Ruiz: "Implants are part of cyborg technology. Implantable technologies for a human being are already on the horizon. And it will not be long for animals."
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Bachoco increases sales by 5.2 percent in 2018

Company’s financial strength and sales increase keeps Bachoco ranked first among Mexico poultry companies
Industrias Bachoco announced its unaudited results corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2018 and all of 2018, with both periods ending on December 3, 2018.
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From vegan to "chickengan" by McDonald's

A new ad from McDonald's Spain is taking the heat on social media because it compares vegans with "weirdos"
Benjamín Ruiz: "We must also recognize that just as there are people who stop eating animal origin products and become vegan, there are those who return to their previous habits, for whatever reason."
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