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Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamin Ruiz es editor en jefe de Industria Avicola. Por correo electrónico a Benjamin Ruiz is an editor of Industria Avicola.


How Spain eradicated ASF and expanded markets

The containment and subsequent eradication of African swine fever by authorities and swine farmers, as well as the opening of exports, make Spain a world reference.
The international director of Interporc in Madrid explains how Spain controlled the ASF outbreak from 1970's and is an example for other countries in the matter.
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The Chicken Oscars are coming!

The awards of the Latin American Poultry Hall of Fame recognize the contributions of outstanding figures in the poultry industry of the region.
Throughout its 32-year history of the awards, 69 producers, entrepreneurs, professionals, university professors, and researchers have been awarded because of their impressive careers.
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ASF an opportunity for Mexico animal ag, US grains

The changes to the market caused by the African swine fever may be beneficial for U.S. grains exports and livestock production in Mexico.
"I believe the United States is in a good position to supply pork to China or other countries that need it," said Ryan LeGrand, director of the USGC office in Mexico.
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Could Mexican poultry industry grow more because of ASF?

Although it is not good that the sector is doing poorly, there is an opportunity for Mexican poultry producers that shouldn't be missed
Perhaps this circumstance could be an incentive for the Mexican poultry industry, in the sense of achieving avian influenza-free areas and be able to export to other countries.
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The preference for fresh chicken flavor

Live chickens are still marketed in Peru and many countries because people like the taste of fresh meat.
Benjamín Ruiz: "The commercialization of live chicken in the modern poultry industry continues to puzzle those in the most 'advanced' poultry industries."
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ESPN 2019: Poultry nutrition for the world

To be held in Poland, Europe's largest poultry-producing country, the conference offers top-notch practical knowledge for the poultry nutritionist.
The 22nd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN 2019) will be held in Gdansk, Poland, June 10-13. This biennial event combines science and practice, so sessions are organized in that way.
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In this corner: chicken! And in the other: pork!

Future projections put chicken and pork at a similar growth rate in the next decade. Which of the two will win?
Benjamín Ruiz: "The demand for poultry meat is forecasted to grow another 20 percent in the next decade, with increases in both world population and per capita consumption."
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