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Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamín Ruiz

Benjamin Ruiz es editor en jefe de Industria Avicola. Por correo electrónico a Benjamin Ruiz is an editor of Industria Avicola.


Kosher, halal slaughter vs. animal welfare concerns

An unusual alliance between Jews and Muslims has been developed in Europe because of the new tendency to prohibit the slaughter of animals without prior stunning.
Benjamín Ruiz: "This whole issue questions religious freedom and the right of religions to preserve their traditions."
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A robot that watches over and analyzes broiler houses

Artificial intelligence will not only save labor but will also perform tasks that a human can’t or won’t like continuous surveillance in a poultry house.
The Spanish company Faromatics, SL, developed a poultry robot that doesn't interfere with the free movement of the birds. Learn how it works.
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Turkey meat should take off in Latin American taste

The consumption of turkey in almost all of Latin America is concentrated around the holiday season. Is there space for a change?
Benjamín Ruiz: "Years pass by, each one with its Holiday season and turkey consumption continues with almost the same amount as before, I dare to say, throughout Latin America. Why?"
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Minimum support prices and non-GMO corn in Mexico

The new Mexican president promised agrarian changes that include the establishment of support prices and the elimination of transgenics. What could this mean?
Benjamín Ruiz analyzes some of the promises of the new president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the agrarian sector.
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4 poultry biostatistics and big data perspectives

The collection and analysis of data from poultry production will allow different groups to increase their contribution to successful production.
Learn how big data can offer the poultry industry numerous insights into how to raise productivity and minimize problems, and how each contributor to the production process will have their own particular needs, and offer specific interpretations.
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Eating cage-free eggs with plastic in our bellies

The growing contamination, especially of plastic, deserves immediate action not only from the general public, but from the poultry industry.
Benjamín Ruiz: "How it's possible to devote time, money and efforts to get hens out of their cages, to promote their supposed welfare, when we have this problem on top of us, along with others."
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Chicken and eggs on World Food Day

The poultry industry could be the answer to the search for healthy and accessible food
Benjamín Ruiz analyzes the campaign for the celebration of World Food Day and how poultry could play a fundamental role in this process.
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