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Chris Williams

Chris Williams serves as Director of Technical Service for Pfizer Global Poultry. He was employed with Embrex, Inc. from 1988 to 2007 and has continued with the company through its transformation to Pfizer Global Poultry. In his role, Dr Williams provides technical support for the United States and Canada. He has received four patents for novel in ovo concepts and application ideas. In addition, Dr. Williams has been donating his time as an adjunct professor in poultry science and serving on the graduate student committee at North Carolina State University, his alma mater, for nearly nine years. He has contributed to and authored more than 50 articles and studies in trade journals and publications on several topics, including in ovo technology, hatchery sanitation, Aspergillus, candling and clear egg removal.



La importancia de la higiene de la vacunación en la incubadora

La vacunación en la planta incubadora puede brindar beneficios a lo largo de la cadena productiva, pero deben aplicarse buenas normas de higiene.
El mismo ambiente que es ideal para incubar huevos también es óptimo para la incubación de bacterias, virus y hongos patógenos, por lo que la higiene es un factor crítico del éxito de cualquier planta incubadora. La vacunación puede proporcionar una posible vía de entrada de los patógenos al huevo o pollito, por lo que requiere de un control incluso más riguroso de la desinfección, si es que la incubadora va a producir pollitos de óptima calidad para sus clientes.
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The importance of hatchery vaccination hygiene

Vaccination at the hatchery can bring benefits along the production chain, but good hygiene standards must be applied.
The benefits of early, hatchery vaccination in terms of subsequent bird health and quality are well known and have led to a wide adoption of this approach in recent decades. However, the same environment that is ideal for incubating eggs is also optimal for the incubation of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, so good hygiene is a critical success factor for any hatchery.  
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