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Emmy Koeleman

Emmy Koeleman is a freelance editor, based in the Netherlands. She has covered animal nutrition, animal health and agritech topics for more than 20 years.



Insect protein in poultry diets gaining momentum in EU

By 2030, one in 40 eggs consumed in the European Union, and one in 50 chicken meat servings, could come from insect-fed chickens, but challenges remain.

Inclusion of insect protein in poultry feed has been permitted in the European Union since 2021, but the protein becoming mainstream remains unclear.

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Dutch poultry sector keen to retain leading European role

Despite animal welfare and efficiency having become central to the Dutch poultry industry, the country’s government would appear hostile to its further growth.

Despite its successes the Dutch poultry industry believes that it does not receive enough recognition from the government, and this could threaten its long-term future.

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