News and analysis on the global poultry
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Poultry Around the World

Mark Clements' view of the world poultry industry with a British twist.

Could switching to chicken help mitigate climate change?

New publication argues that switching from red to white and alternative meats, and farming more intensively could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Consuming more chicken and pork in place of beef and lamb could free up land for reforestation and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new land use report from the UK which argues that eating habits and agricultural production must change to slow climate change.
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Is big brand or local the future?

The trend in consumer preference for locally-produced food may be growing - but just how long will it last?
European consumers' growing interest in locally-sourced food food may prove to be short-term as tech-savvy millenials age.
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Environment matters in Indian cold chain development

Initiative seeks to improve logistics in Indian food production - with a strong focus on the environment

Technologies making use of waste heat and cold, among others, could aid the sustainable development of cold chain in India as demand for poultry, meat and other high nutrition foods rises.

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