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Why has JBS entered the fertilizer market?

The world’s largest poultry producer is now producing fertilizer and there are very good reasons why.

In an ever-tightening market, the world’s largest poultry producer’s decision to produce fertilizer would appear to be timed perfectly.

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Male chick culling to stop in France by year end

The practice of culling male layer chicks stopped in Germany at the start of 2022 and it will end in France by the end of the year.

France will no longer cull chicks from layer lines by the close of this year, joining a growing number of countries that have either ended or intend to end the practice

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UK poultry producers helping to end greenwashing

Meaningless environmental claims should be harder to make on completion of new public/private project.

New U.K. environmental metrics should make environmental action easier to communicate for food producers and make meaningless claims less convincing for consumers.

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