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Mark Clements' view of the world poultry industry with a British twist.

How leading poultry producers rank for welfare

The world’s largest poultry meat producers have come under scrutiny in the latest edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare.
The world's largest poultry producers are highlighted in the seventh edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare.
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Which countries consume the greatest volume of poultry meat?

A large population alone is yet to equate to a high volume of meat consumption but, as incomes rise, it will be the largest populations that consume the most poultry meat.
There are no great surprises in which countries rank the highest in terms of the volume of chicken meat consumed annually, but a ranking gives a good idea of where chicken meat consumption may be expected to rise, not least by considering which countries rank low or are absent from the list.
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Where is per capita poultry meat consumption highest?

There’s no one region that’s home to the biggest consumers of poultry meat; its appeal stretches far and wide.
Where do people consume the most chicken? The biggest eaters of chicken meat are spread across continents from South America to Australasia and their per capita consumption of poultry meat is due to keep rising.
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Can poultry benefit from 2019’s eating trends?

Shifting consumer demands present opportunities and challenges in producing and positioning poultry meat and eggs.
Changing consumer tastes reflected in 2019's eating trends offer chicken and egg producers several opportunities for product innovation but present challenges too.
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Opening farms to public can tackle misconceptions

For any poultry producers feeling misunderstood or underappreciated, there’s a tried-and-tested solution that can help to turn things around.
The best way to overturn misconceptions about poultry production and animal agriculture may be to open farms to the public more. Open Farm Sunday does just that.
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Archaeology shines light on the modern broiler

The oft-cited connection between urbanization and demand for chicken would appear to be nothing new while a medieval chicken may have been unrecognizable to an ancient Roman.

Examining  excavated chicken bones in Europe suggests that the chickens that were larger, less aggressive and able to live in smaller spaces are not completely the result of modern breeding practices, religion may even have contributed to their development.

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Could switching to chicken help mitigate climate change?

New publication argues that switching from red to white and alternative meats, and farming more intensively could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Consuming more chicken and pork in place of beef and lamb could free up land for reforestation and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new land use report from the UK which argues that eating habits and agricultural production must change to slow climate change.
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Is big brand or local the future?

The trend in consumer preference for locally-produced food may be growing - but just how long will it last?
European consumers' growing interest in locally-sourced food food may prove to be short-term as tech-savvy millenials age.
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