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McDonald’s in layer welfare first

McDonald's wins marketing award for improved animal welfare standards
McDonald’s has scored an animal welfare first, and been named the winner of Compassion in World Farming’s Best Marketing Award in this year’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, which recognize the commitment of food businesses to improve animal welfare standards.
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Controlling antibiotic resistance needs shared action, G7

Without action across sectors, millions more will die from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are estimated to account for 700,000 deaths globally each year. So it is little wonder that antimicrobial resistance was included in the G7 Leaders Declaration, published at the end of May from Ise-Shima, in Japan.
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Build me up with a feather!

Feather waste in building materials could make both the poultry and construction industries more sustainable.
Turning feather waste into construction materials could now offer environmental and economic benefits to poultry producers and the building industry.
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Hooray for World Animal Vaccination Day!

New animal health initiative to raise awareness of vaccination importance in livestock and pets
World Animal Vaccination Day – April 20th – has come and gone without too much of the scratching, biting, bleating or pecking that usually takes place when there’s a syringe or a vet present.
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No chickens at supermarket ghost farm

Branding exercise with fake farm names does little to instill consumer confidence in origin of food
Branding produce with fictional farm names has backfired somewhat for a U.K. supermarket keen to respond to consumer concerns over the origin of food.
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Downside Abbey’s ancient chicken recipe

Historic family recipe book reveals long-standing globalized taste for chicken
A chicken curry recipe dating back to 1793 has come to light at Downside Abbey, showing that tastes were becoming globalized as long ago as the 18th century.
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