News and analysis on the global poultry
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Poultry Around the World

Mark Clements' view of the world poultry industry with a British twist.

Avian influenza and the risk from backyard flocks

Poultry owners, whatever their size, should be able to house birds well no matter the circumstances
Backyard flocks, when not properly managed, represent a disease risk to the wider poultry industry, particularly when in contact with wild birds and when avian influenza viruses are circulating.
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Could the dodo feed the world?

At one meter tall and weighing 10-20 kg, could reviving the dodo be an alternative response to growing demand for poultry meat?
As demand for meat continues to rise, could a farmed dodo provide the answer? The recent sale of a dodo skeleton highlights that genetic material is available if science can rise the the challenge.
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Veterinarians key for poultry’s big issues?

Whether the issue is farm profitability, poultry welfare or antibiotic resistance, veterinarians may have a more central role to play
More poultry producers are facing the conflicting pressures of producing more meat, without antibiotics and to higher welfare standards. Giving animal health a greater role in production management may help to resolve this dilemma.
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Do your bit for Antibiotic Awareness Week

New online course offers insight into issues surrounding antimicrobial resistance
Overturning attitudes to antibiotics, whether in agricultural production or human medicine, is not easy. But everyone can do their bit, and for those wanting a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding antibiotic resistance, a new resource will be made available to coincide with World Antibiotic Awareness Week.
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Could the domestic chicken be epoch defining?

Future geologists may see the global poultry industry as having a far greater role in history than ever imagined.
Bones from the domestic broiler could be among the markers for the newly proposed Anthropocene epoch due to the global proliferation of the poultry industry.
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McDonald’s in layer welfare first

McDonald's wins marketing award for improved animal welfare standards
McDonald’s has scored an animal welfare first, and been named the winner of Compassion in World Farming’s Best Marketing Award in this year’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, which recognize the commitment of food businesses to improve animal welfare standards.
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Controlling antibiotic resistance needs shared action, G7

Without action across sectors, millions more will die from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are estimated to account for 700,000 deaths globally each year. So it is little wonder that antimicrobial resistance was included in the G7 Leaders Declaration, published at the end of May from Ise-Shima, in Japan.
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