With World Egg Day designated as October 9, many are finding ways to salute the industry and to point out the benefits and many uses for eggs.

For this blog post, I will focus on what DSM has done. They have created their own Egg Family set of characters, which spans three generations.

Each member has their own unique traits and personality, and each is able to find a way to educate people of what eggs have to offer. DSM introduces them in an online video.

The eldest is EggXpert, the wise elder grandfather of the group. He is a “walking encyclopedia” of egg knowledge. He explains that eggs are the most sustainable source of high protein.

Then, there is EggCellent Dad. He is really talented and lovest to share his cooking tips, tricks and facts. Eggs are part of any healthy dish, he says.

The mother figure of the group is EggXtra Mom. She is always in a good mood and loves to share helpful do it yourself (DIY) tutorials with the family. She points out that eggs offer “countless health benefits.”

The son, and the older of the two children is EggSersice. His knowledge of nutritional values and proteins is “unbeatable,” and he knows that eggs “help you get those muscles.”

Rounding out the family is EggCentric, the younger sister. She is the social media buff of the group, and this connected young lady loves to see people sharing content. She explains that eggs make your skin and hair look “selfie-ready.”

DSM, on its World Egg Day webpage, says it is dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of eggs worldwide, and states that as demand for eggs is growing rapidly, it is here to help farmers meet the challenges they face.

I think this Egg Family campaign was cute and clever, and even in its brevity, the video was educational for people of all ages. Here’s hoping we hear more from the DSM Egg Family.

Happy World Egg Day!