Trust central theme in new U.K. egg marketing campaign

New marketing campaign launches as quality of some imported eggs called into question.

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With the odd exception, we all like to think that the food we eat is not only good for us but safe, and where children are concerned, that worry becomes even greater.

Tapping into those concerns, a GBP1 million (US$1.27 million) marketing campaign has been launched in the U.K. for eggs produced under the British Lion quality mark, which account for approximately 90% of the eggs produced in the country. One of its key focuses will be trust.

Perfect timing

The campaign has been initiated shortly after the U.K.’s Food Standards Authority (FSA) warned of the risks of some imported eggs, following an increase in human Salmonella cases in the country linked to imported Polish poultry meat and eggs.

In light of the above, the U.K. campaign will not only aim to be inspirational but will emphasize that U.K. consumers can trust British Lion eggs.

Focus on the young

The campaign is taking various approaches. For example, pregnant women and parents at the weaning stage will be provided with FSA advice that they can trust British Lion eggs and include British Lion runny eggs in their diets and for their babies.

The nutritional value and eggs’ versatility as an affordable and sustainable food for all meals is amongst messaging for millennials looking for healthy meals for their young families.

Award winning registered dietician Dr. Carrie Ruxton will reinforce the nutritional importance of eggs for these audiences.

British Lion is also drawing on what it terms its “Pride” of social influencers, said to have over 2 million followers between them. Pride members will be creating and sharing content throughout the year to drive awareness of the benefits of eggs for young families.

The launch of a TikTok channel, @egg_recipes is planned, giving access to the U.K.’s 28.9 million monthly TikTok users, of whom 42% are parents. This will build on British Lion’s Instagram account, where followers grew by 18% last year to reach 88,000.

Better safe than sorry

Millennials and young families aren’t getting everything, however, and the new campaign is also targeting retailers and the foodservice sector.

President of the food professionals’ qualifying body the Institute of Food Science and Technology Sterling Crew, will continue in his role as an ambassador for British Lion eggs, advocating their safety. Food service will also be targeted through professional chefs sharing advice, professional recipes, and inspiration.

Having recently suffered a bout of food poisoning, not from eating British Lion or any eggs I hasten to add, losing trust in what you eat, as we all know, is a far from pleasant experience.

If eggs come with added assurances, then so much the better.

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