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Dr. Eckel Anta Ox Aqua feed additive for shrimp production

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Phone: +490.2636.9749.0


Dr. Eckel
Im Stiefelfeld 10
D-56649 Niederzissen 56651

Dr. Eckel Anta Ox Aqua is an all-natural feed additive developed to fit the needs of modern intensive shrimp production. Offering both protective and immune-stimulating effects, it can can directly decrease the bacterial infection and increase the survival rate of Pacific white shrimp, in the lab as well as the pond. It is highly concentrated and works at low dosages, leaving enough space in the feed formula for maximum energy and nutrient density. Anta Ox Aqua complements other efforts at farm level to keep fish and shrimp healthy. It does not interfere with medications and water treatments. Anta Ox Aqua offers a natural solution, meeting the demand for a healthy and efficient fish and shrimp production — in line with today's consumer perceptions in regard to food safety and animal welfare.


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