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Bayer Animal Health victrio DNA immunostimulant

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Bayer HealthCare
Mittelstrasse 11-13 Geb 4845
Monheim D 40789

Bayer Animal Health victrio DNA immunostimulant is licensed by the USDA to aid in the reduction of mortality associated with Escherichia coli in embryonated eggs and newborn chicks. Through a DNA liposome complex, Victrio rapidly triggers the animal’s innate immune system by mimicking a pathogen, preparing it to better fight infection when challenged by E. coli bacteria. victrio is different from a vaccine in that it contains no specific antigens and different from an antibiotic in that it acts on the host rather than the pathogen. This non-antibiotic technology supports antibiotic-free hatcheries and does not contain any antibiotics or preservatives.

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