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Cumberland EDGE control system


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The Cumberland EDGE control system is designed to manage all of the operational functions of poultry production facilities. It is a single, versatile platform that handles the environmental control applications for breeder, broiler, pullet, layer, turkey and virtually any other poultry house. Producers have the ability to adjust ventilation and temperature, manage lights and bird scales, and control multiple houses or farms, all from a single controller, saving time while increasing efficiency and productivity.

The system features a main controller with a 15 inch color touchscreen that makes navigation and site-wide monitoring quick and easy. Two different types of expansion boxes can hold either three or six plug-in modules. Additional expansion boxes can be installed as the operation grows. The new controller also features online remote access, enabling producers to manage and administer multiple sites and houses from the comfort of their truck, office, home or other off-site locations. EDGE also generates site-specific dashboards and reports to promote increased efficiency and productivity.

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