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BioZyme VitaFerm ConceptAid Power Tub mineral supplement

BioZyme VitaFerm ConceptAid mineral supplement

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Phone: 1.800.821.3070


6010 Stockyards Expressway
St. Joseph MO 64504
United States

BioZyme VitaFerm ConceptAid Power Tub mineral supplement provides a consistent supply of supplemental protein and energy for cattle when forage quality is low. In addition to its balanced levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and organic trace minerals, it also contains BioZyme's proprietary Amaferm, a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed. Due to the high quality nutritional package and added digestibility from Amaferm, this product promotes improved herd health, reproduction and performance. The Power Tub weighs 50 pounds.


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