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Hendrix Genetics Hypor Libra sow

Hendrix Genetics Hypor Libra sow

Contact Information

Contact: Teun van de Braak
Title: Product Manager
Phone: 1.647.290.6534


Hendrix Genetics BV
Spoorstraat 69
Boxmeer 5831 CK

Hendrix Genetics Hypor Libra is a robust, solid sow that can wean large litters, last longer and produce consistently in intensive production environments. A crossing between Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White, the Hypor Libra is younger age at first oestrus with clear signs of standing heat and a short weaning to mating. Hypor Libra is very well suited for a wide range of housing options including individual stalls and group gestation and is an all-around staff favorite for ease of management. Pig quality, uniformity, growth rate, feed efficiency and carcass leanness are all included in Hypor’s maternal breeding objectives.

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