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Sterling Systems & Controls bulk bag unloading systems


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Sterling Systems & Controls Inc.
P.O. Box 418
Sterling IL 61081
United States

Sterling Systems & Controls bulk bag unloading systems feature customized unloading systems that can include bulk bag discharging, material weighing and batch dispensing, along with the controls required for automatic operation. 

Just such a system has been successfully operating at the site of a leading manufacturer of sugar-free and no-sugar-added baked desserts. The comprehensive bulk bag unloading system for premixed food ingredients incorporates the mechanical structure which houses and supports the bag discharge, material weighing, dispensing (flexible screw conveyor) and control panel components.

Mechanical components are provided to unload the bulk bag, accurately weigh the desired amount of material as set for a batch by the operator, and then dispense the batch of material into a container for production use.  In addition, Sterling is a UL-listed control panel builder and provides the VFD panel and equipment along with a system control panel. 

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