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Moba Diamond series FPX100 Farmpacker


Contact Information

Phone: 1.954.384.5828
Fax: 1.954.384.9971


1655 N. Commerce Parkway Suite 201, 33326,
Weston FL 33326
United States

The Diamond series FPX100 Farmpacker from Moba collects eggs conveyed from chicken houses, orients them into six rows and packs them into 30 egg trays at a rate of up to 36,000 eggs per hour (100 cases per hour). The full trays of eggs are then conveyed from the farmpacker and either stacked manually or by an optional automated tray stacker.

The Moba Diamond 100 FPX is controlled by a PC-Logic Control (PCLC) system. This system stores the Farmpacker manual and schematics right on the computer, providing access to them directly through the Human Machine Interface (HMI). The durable touch screen with graphical display is designed for harsh environments. Through the HMI, the customer has the ability to view configurable counts from both current and previous day’s runs with up to 30 days of history. The option to make the Farmpacker Internet-ready permits users to collect production data and gives them future access to Moba’s remote help desk.

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