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Trouw Nutrition International Rumenac

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Phone: +31.341.371.611


Trouw Nutrition International
Nijverheidsweg 2
P.O. Box 40
3881 LA Putten --

Trouw Nutrition International's Rumenac is a four-step ruminant feed evaluation system for more efficient rationing in dairy cows. The system evaluates rumen fermentation as well as the supply of aminogenic, ketogenic and glycogenic nutrients. Trouw Nutrition uses Gluco-TN and Keto-TN to evaluate the glucose forming capacity in different feed sources, and  a fibre index provides details of the functionality of different fibres in the rumen for gastrointestinal health. The company says the Rumenac system increases the amount of digestible intestinal protein produced by microbial protein synthesis, by improving ration synchronization.

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