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Ziggity Systems Big Z Drinkers


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Phone: +1.574.825.5849


Ziggity Systems
P.O. Box 1169
101 Industrial Parkway
Middlebury IN 46540
United States

Ziggity Systems pioneered the concept of dedicated, separate male and female drinker lines featuring Big Z Drinkers that deliver hygienic water without the need for bacterial laden catch cups. Just as the industry adopted the use of separate male feeding lines decades ago, many producers today are realizing the advantages of separate male drinker lines as well. 

Male broiler breeder birds are much taller than their female counterparts and thus, to prevent water wastage during male drinking activity, the male drinker line height must be managed higher than the female drinker line. The dedicated female drinker line, managed lower for the appropriate height of the female, features a shielded drinker which inhibits the males using the female drinker.

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