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GfG Instrumentation CI 21 fixed transmitter


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Phone: 1.734.769.0573
Toll Free: 1.800.959.0329
Fax: 1.734.769.1888


GfG Instrumentation Inc
1194 Oak Valley Dr Ste 20
Ann Arbor MI 48108
United States

The CI 21fixed transmitter from GfG Instrumentation feature a charge carrier injection sensor that is a progressive development to improve upon current ammonia refrigeration detection methods. With CI 21technology, sensor life is no longer limited to ammonia exposure levels. It is unaffected by exposure to high gas concentrations. This reduces replacement costs associated with electrochemical sensors. 

Charge carrier injection technology also eliminates false alarms frequently associated with metal oxide sensing (MOS). These, along with other features, provide reliable, cost effective, long-term safety. Additionally, it carries the CSA certification for safety.


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