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Ammeraal Beltech Ultra Clean Belt


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Ammeraal Beltech
Comeniusstraat 8 1817 MS, Alkmaar
P.O. Box 38
Heerhugowaard 1000 AA

The hygiene-focussed design of the Ultra Clean Belt (UCB) from Ammeraal Beltech features hybrid hinges, which serve a dual purpose: to deliver good water flow for cleaning around the hinges and pins when opened on the back of the belt and, when closed, to prevent food loss into the hinges around the sprockets. The UCB’s health and safety features make it a prime choice for moving foods of all kinds, from meat and fish to bakery items. The UCB offers impressive performance at a remarkably light weight, and matches the performance levels of heavier belts. It is easy to operate, maintain and clean. 

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