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BinMaster Vibrating Rods


Contact Information

Phone: +1.402.434.9102


7201 N. 98th St.
Lincoln 68507

BinMaster vibrating rod point level sensors operate despite changes in dielectric constant, humidity, or material density. Detect high and low levels in bins, tanks, and silos containing solids, powders or sediment settled in liquid. 

Available in a variety of models:

  • Standard 7-inch Vibrating Rod
  • Rigid Extended Vibrating Rod
  • Flexible Extended Vibrating Rod
  • Vibrating Rod for Sediment Level Detection
  • High Temp Vibrating Rod
  • Mini Vibrating Rod 625
  • Vibrating Rod for Sanitary Applications
  • Mini Vibrating Rod 600
  • Vibrating Rod for Hazardous Locations
  • Vibrating Fork with Hazloc Approvals


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